Grooved Aluminum Sheet, Aluminum Branches
W 41 × D 52 × H 164 (cm)

The aluminum sheet, which is used as the outer surface of the suit case of Rimowa, is a modern material which implies the history of Rimowa. These were used on the back and the seat of the chair, and the structures supporting them were made of branches, which contrary to artificiality.

The branches were discovered and collected by Lee in the nature, and made of aluminum through the sand casting method. The aluminum branch preserves its natural form and texture, retains nature’s temporality, and exists as a material with eternity (that does not change over time).

Aluminum branches lean against each other to support the structure, and are combined with aluminum sheets and bolts. The two components with the same material, which are the opposite of the production method and shape, harmonize with a mysterious atmosphere.

As the name Neo Primitive, the chair implies the history of Rimowa and the temporality of nature, demonstrating the harmony of primitiveness and modernity, and the coexistence of nature and artifacts.